Fernando Vigil

“I feel blessed working at a place that is so intentional with every step of the process and that every task, even though small, helps our clients live out their best lives at a financial but also personal level.”

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College / Degrees

Calvin University – B.S. Accounting, B.A. Economics

Calvin University – Master of Accounting


San Salvador, El Salvador


My brother currently lives in Germany and my sister recently moved to Portugal, while my parents continue to enjoy the year-round summer weather in El Salvador! Even though we live far from each other, we try to meet somewhere in the world every few years and we hope to visit my sister in Portugal next!

Hobbies and Relaxation

Although it sounds like a cliché, spending time with my friends is the most life-giving activity that I can indulge in whether getting coffee at a local shop, hiking a National Park, or critiquing a movie late at night. I also attempt to remain active and sign-up for races or recreational soccer leagues around West Michigan.


  • Visited:
    • Costa Rica, France, Italy, Finland, Russia, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, England
  • Soon:
    • Spain, Portugal, China, Thailand, Chile, New Zealand

My Money Mind®

  • Protection
  • Commitment
  • Happiness

What got you interested in this field?

Having a deep interest in the financial markets and investing decisions drew me in at first, but it is the joy of walking alongside a client and seeing them achieve their financial goals that really cemented my interest in the industry.

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