Kristine L. Zylstra

Relationship Manager | Partner

Kristine L. Zylstra

My career began in 1989, when I accepted a position as a receptionist at a downtown Grand Rapids brokerage firm. At the time, I was unaware that the course of my future would forever be altered. My time was spent over the next 10 years learning and growing in this business. In 1991, I completed the first of many registration requirements for the securities industry. I was blessed to have the opportunity to begin finding my passion in 1996 when I began working with clients in an advisory role. After several firm mergers and consolidations from ’96 to ’02, I challenged myself to consider one question, “if I could create the perfect job for me, what would that be?” The creation and implementation of Relationship Manager role was born in January of 2003 within the walls of CapTrust. Having the privilege and opportunity to create and serve in my dream job has been life giving and absolutely fulfilling!

As a Relationship Manager, I am involved in a myriad of activities using my 25+ years of experience, including leading a team dedicated to “Service Excellence”, all with the primary aim of adding value to the lives of the clients we serve. My passion is in creating relationships with our clients, guiding them through the uncertainties of life and the markets. I serve as a conduit between the client and the CapTrust team to help ensure that the client experience is unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

“Blended and Blessed” describes my family! In February of 2010 my best friend became my husband and my role as mother of 3 grew instantly to mother of 5. Jim and I have had the joy of blending together our four daughters Lauren, Emilee, Caitlin and Camryn and our son Nicholas into one family. It has not always been easy and sometimes a bit crazy as you can imagine. Our lives are not our own as God has gifted each of them with separate talents and abilities, including a D1 Softball player, a dancer, a pianist, another softball player, and a bowler. In my spare time I enjoy traveling with my husband, family outings, friendships, reading, decorating, refinishing old furniture, and collecting the letter “Z”.

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