Ron J. Price

Relationship Manager

Ron J. Price

At a young age, I became interested in commerce and how money works and by the time I was eleven, I found myself hired by several neighborhood families to manicure their lawns throughout the summer months. Just one year later, I wanted to prepare for the future and put my savings to work. With those thoughts in mind, I walked into the bank as a 12-year-old to meet with a financial advisor and invest my earnings in a Roth IRA. Through the years I continued to observe how others managed money, and I am confident that God was preparing a way for me to be wise with my own finances, and eventually to work with others needing a plan to manage their resources.

Although my roots are in Oklahoma, when I moved to Michigan, new roots were established as I connected to a community that has shared values of prioritizing faith, family and hard-work, not to mention forming a friendship with an adventurous, loving woman who would be my future wife. Now grounded in West Michigan, I am married to my beautiful wife Carla who I met in Holland. We enjoy volunteering together in the community, mentoring children and young adults, spending time at Lake Michigan, building our home library, traveling inside and out of the United States, and visiting family in Indiana and Oklahoma.

CapTrust has been an exceptional part of what my wife and I now consider our community. I value the CapTrust history of enduring relationships due to genuine interest in every client, wherever they are in life. As a Relationship Manager, I build on this solid foundation of caring deeply for each client, using tools to create customized wealth plans and most importantly, forging strong and healthy relationships built on trust.

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