Scott J. DeMaagd

Relationship Manager

Scott J. DeMaagd

I have been truly blessed and remain abundantly grateful to partake in this journey we call life. I have been shaped through many experiences ranging from: growing up in West Michigan, receiving my education from Calvin College and then University of Michigan, studying abroad in New Zealand, and marrying my wife and best friend, Kaitlin. I have learned in life that it is possible to do what you love, that life and work can complement each other, and that you can help empower others along the way.

I find investing and finance fascinating; I love the challenge. I enjoy the process of developing knowledge, filtering out noise, and helping provide insight on topics which often can be daunting. My motivation stems from a desire to empower clients to achieve their goals and to provide confidence each day and year that we are worthy stewards of their trust.

I enjoy discovering life and all it has to offer. Whether it is a round of golf with friends, cooking a meal with loved ones, “WrestleMania” with my nephew and nieces, or losing to my wife in tennis, I treasure the unique experiences God has blessed me with.  I believe family is centrally important, and I am thankful for mine.  Through them, I have learned invaluable lessons about personal responsibility, generosity, integrity, hard work, discipline, persistence, and empathy.

In life there are always highs and lows. As a member of the CapTrust team, we strive to not only celebrate the highs, but to walk with you through times of challenge should they occur. As I continue on my journey, I look forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Quick Stats

Calvin College, B.A. Business Management
University of Michigan Ross School of Business, M.B.A. Graduation with Distinction

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