Bruce H. Johnson, CIMA®

Consultant | Founder

Bruce H. Johnson, CIMA®

As a young man in the summer of 1982, I had the good fortune of being hired in the investment business in downtown Grand Rapids. As I look back, I do so with a grateful heart, and hopefully, a wiser perspective. I have had the opportunity to develop relationships with clients that have now spanned both decades and generations.

I love my job. I love the investment business. It is an honor and a privilege to serve some of the most successful, most influential people in West Michigan and abroad on a day to day basis. I am truly fortunate and hope I can contribute to others in a significant way through the relationships we have developed and the solutions we provide.

The consultation process allows us to gain insights and understanding into our client’s world. With a fresh perspective, we are free to provide direction and in a sense act as an advocate on behalf of our clients in the financial marketplace. There is nothing more rewarding then when a sense of partnership is formed over time through trust and experience together.

My beautiful wife Margie and I have been blessed with five great kids, as well as two son-in-laws and a daughter-in-law. Brendon, our oldest, joined the CapTrust team in 2013 and lives in Holland with his wife, Rachel, and our first grandchild – their toddler, Brendon, Jr. Our daughter Lauren lives in Chicago with her husband, Aaron, and our daughter Lindsay lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Chris. Our two youngest, Ryan and Hannah, both attend the University of Kansas (much to my delight).

Bruce H. Johnson, CIMA®

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