You Hold the Grandkids, We'll Hold the Fort

Managing wealth and investments is what we do – how we do it is what sets us apart. At CapTrust, we’re passionate about helping you live your best financial life. We take the human approach, which starts with a long look at your personal values and desires. Once we know your aspirations, our world-class investment planners craft a roadmap for growth that aligns with who you are and what you want.

We do this here in West Michigan because we share the values of our community — hard work, humility, commitment, pragmatism and service to others. We want to make a difference in the lives of West Michiganders by helping them build, cultivate and shape their legacies.

  • Relational Integrity – We dive deeper
  • Mastering Our Craft – A relentless pursuit
  • Holistically Faithful – Giving our all
  • Life-giving Empowerment – Investment you can feel
  • True Stewardship – Seeking God’s “Well Done!”

Calvin C. Chanski

"Working alongside our advisors to support clients in realizing and achieving their specific financial goals is very rewarding. My favorite aspect of working at CapTrust, however, is the blessing to work with a team of like-minded, Godly individuals, who seek to serve our clients and community out of a deep desire to share the love of Christ with others."
— Calvin C. Chanski

Ben Anderson

"Helping clients uncover their most fulfilling life and make that life a reality is richly rewarding for our clients and a pleasure for our team. Each day I can be a part of getting to know our clients more deeply and empowering them to live with purpose and passion is a day well spent."
— Ben Anderson

Shanon J. Tate

"I love getting to know our clients on a personal level and being able to find solutions for them in the financial world."
— Shanon J. Tate

Lisa M. Schulist

"It’s truly my pleasure to be at the front desk and welcome our clients. I enjoy giving them the best experience possible, tending to details that make their visit pleasant."
— Lisa M. Schulist

Bruce H. Johnson

"Today, our clients are truly seeking help to live their best possible life, to engage in deep and meaningful conversations and to incorporate the best of all their world into a comprehensive strategy for living purposeful lives, and I feel privileged to be able to lead an organization that can accomplish that."
— Bruce H. Johnson, CIMA®

Our people make all the difference.

CapTrust in the Community

You’ll find service is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Not just service to our clients, but to our broader community.

From volunteering for our individual passions to helping through our faith communities, we find serving a higher calling provides a purpose to our serving.

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CapTrust Money Mind®

Wondering what the average CapTrust team member’s Money Mind looks like?

  • Protection
  • Commitment
  • Happiness

Money Mind helps you understand how you think and feel about money and how it impacts your financial choices.


The Protection Money Mind tends to value security and peace of mind.


The Commitment Money Mind tends to derive joy from giving.


The Happiness Money Mind tends to prioritize enjoyment.

Your thoughts about money impact your financial choices.

CapTrust is proud to be recognized:

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About CapTrust

CapTrust is a privately held Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Holland, Michigan, serving clients throughout West Michigan and across the country. Founded in 1997, the company provides private wealth planning and investment management and consulting to individuals and families, and institutional consulting services to nonprofits, foundations, endowments and family offices.

Your best financial life begins with a conversation.

Financial Advisor – Top RIA Rankings: To be eligible for this ranking, advisors must be a registered investment advisor, provide financial planning related services to individual clients, and have at least $50 million in assets under management. To be considered for inclusion, CapTrust submitted a survey, which was reviewed by Financial Advisor Magazine. Financial Advisor Magazine does not disclose how many firms were considered or applied for inclusion on the list.

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