Discover A Purpose For Your Wealth

At CapTrust, we create a plan based on your priorities and values. That’s why, instead of starting with dollars and cents, we start with a discussion about the real riches in your life: family, friends, faith and service to others. Knowing what’s important to you enables us to not just give valuable advice, but invaluable insights into the best strategies that help you design a life well lived.

Private Wealth Planning

Wealth planning works in numbers but answers to aspirations and passions. At CapTrust, we’re finding smarter ways for you to live your most satisfying life. We start with the belief that the best decisions are made collaboratively. Our engaging approach and experienced advisors help you articulate your attitudes and priorities about money and life, determine how your finances can fuel the life you want and make sure you’re prepared for life’s (inevitable) surprises.

Investment Consulting

How you grow your money should align with your aspirations and beliefs. An intelligent approach guides our investment advice. CapTrust provides access to world-class investment strategies with an independent view of capital markets. Together, we’ll design a portfolio that flexes when you need it while delivering the confidence you’ve envisioned.

Your thoughts about money impact your financial choices.

Private Wealth Planning Services

  • Comprehensive financial inventory
  • Investment planning and ongoing review designed to match with long-term objectives
  • Philanthropy and giving strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Social Security considerations
  • Tax and legal review
  • Insurance review and planning
  • Preparing heirs – readying the next generation
  • Coordinating and facilitating a team of professional advisors

Investment Consulting Capabilities

  • Investment policy design
  • Portfolio objectives
  • Spending guidelines and liquidity requirements
  • Risk tolerance and risk budgeting
  • Return objective
  • Allocation design
  • Portfolio implementation and management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Distinction of responsibilities

Acquiring wealth, growing it and using it — there’s a lot to discuss, and a lot of options to consider. Let’s talk.

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